Partners, Vendors, and Content Contributors

Note: Watch this space as we announce more contributors in the near future.

Culinary Science Advisory Board

Harold McGee
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
Dave Arnold

Contributing Chefs, Scientists, & other Experts

Baking & Pastry, Chocolate & Confectionery, Frozen Desserts:
  • Daniel Mikosz
  • Michael Silver
  • Dario Barone
Science, Sustainability, and other Such Subjects:
  • Dave Arnold (science & mixology)
  • Michael Silver (science)
  • Dr. David Estroff (pediatric medicine)
  • Dr. Kerry Beal (chocolate tempering)
Recipes & Supplemental Embedded Content:
  • Thomas Keller
  • Aarón Sanchez
  • Stella Parks
  • Gordon Ramsay

  • Alexis Gabriel Ainouz
  • Ken Forkish
  • Dan Souza
  • David Chang
  • Aaron Benjamin
  • Alice Waters
  • Grant Crilly
  • Others TBA
Creative Team
  • Michael Silver: Concept, Web Design, and Project Management
  • Cleo Huggins: Village Design and Drawings
  • Lilia Ortiz: Character Design & Graphic Novel

Industry Partners and Contributors

Thermoworks, the industry leader in temperature-measuring devices, is generously donating hundreds of pocket thermometers to our program as part of the cooking and baking toolkit we will be giving to our students.


AeroGarden (part of MiracleGro) has been making home-based hydroponic systems since 2006. AeroGarden offers nine models of hydroponic home gardens as small as your toaster. They assemble in minutes without tools, have a control panel that turns lights on and off, and remind owners to add its liquid nutrient packs, which contain no pesticides or herbicides. AeroGarden is donating hydroponic gardens to our program that will be given to the schools where we bring our free programs.

Audio High has provided most of the funding for Silver Linings since our founding in 1997. Audio High designs and builds home automation systems, theaters, music systems, professional studios, advanced networking and security systems, and many other projects for both residential and commercial clients.

Audio High

Hale View Partners, LLC builds Little Kitchen Academy culinary schools for kids in Washington State and Oregon and provides classes at cost to Silver Linings so we may give scholarships to disadvantaged kids and teens, allowing them to attend for free. These classes are designed specifically for kids so they not only learn to cook, learn about food and nutrition, and develop good eating habits, but also to acquire important life skills including problem-solving, working cooperatively and independently, self-worth, and communication.

* The Jacques Pépin Foundation was formed in June, 2016 by Jacques Pépin and his closest family to translate Jacques’ inspirational love of cooking, mastery of classic technique, and renowned teaching ability into action that benefits people disenfranchised from the workforce. The JP Foundation has generously donated books and other items to Chef’s Village and made Jacques’ educational videos available for us to share as part of our curriculum.

America’s Test Kitchen has been teaching people how to cook through their TV programs, books, magazines, and online classes and recipes since 1993. With a diverse group of cooks and food scientists, they figure out what works and what doesn’t and explain why. They also do impartial equipment reviews and much more. They have generously made their content available to Chef’s Village to use in our curriculum.

CoKCo (Community Kitchen Company, pronounced “cocoa”) creates several lines of bean-to-bar chocolate and also designs and manufactures chocolate and other products for other companies who sell these products under their own labels. CoKCo brands include Sacred Summit Chocolate and Mystic Chocolate.

CocoaTown manufactures and sells specialty machines for home and professional use in the small-batch craft chocolate industry. Since 2006 they have provided tools to “chocopreneurs” in more than 100 countries. CocoaTown is lending a complete set of their entry-level equipment to Chef’s Village to allow us to teach others about bean-to-bar chocolate and give them hands-on experience in this fascinating and super-cool process.