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join us and become smarter, stronger, and happier

Chef’s Village provides free and subsidized educational services in person and on line, brought to you by Silver Linings, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been helping kids and the environment for over 25 years.
From cookies and custards to steaks and sous vide… from knife skills to farming… from slow cooking to wok hei, Chef’s Village has something for everyone. And not only will you learn to cook, you’ll become smarter, stronger, and happier in the process. We promise, and we’ll teach you how and why.

Silver Linings/Chef’s Village is very proud to have been selected by 1% for the Planet to receive charitable donations through their programs that contribute to the health and welfare of our planet.

Our classes at Seattle Central College are recognized as Approved Programs
by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.

Expert Curriculum

Some of our Experts

Learn from the world’s top chefs, food scientists, and other expert who have generously contributed their knowledge and experience to give you a well-rounded education in the world of food.

Our online programs includes a culinary program, a baking and pastry program, sustainability and community-based support, food science, a deep dive into chocolate, cooking with smoke, ice creams and frozen desserts, farming, nutrition, health and safety, tools and appliances, plants and animals, fish and fowl, and more.

Once you’ve learned the basics you can visit the homes of some of the best and most interesting chefs and bakers around and learn their recipes, tips, and techniques.

Partners & Contributors

Many generous people and companies are donating their products, their time, and their knowledge, allowing us to create powerful programs for everyone.

These contributions help us give free kitchen starter sets to scholarship recipients and to donate hydroponic gardens to colleges and community centers.

If you are an organization that can contribute to our work or believe we can contribute to your work, we’d love to hear from you.

Available to Everyone

We offer free in-person training and full scholarships to our online school. We also give away kitchen starter kits that include a digital thermometer and a digital scale. Your personal financial situation will never be a barrier to participation in the Chef’s Village.

Sliding scale enrollment options and full scholarships are available.

About Silver Linings

Founded in 1997, Silver Linings has been involved with many areas related to helping children and the environment, including funding medical research, improving facilities for kids in the hospital, enhancing school music programs, and providing other resources and benefits.

In addition to our community projects, our fund-raising projects include producing a number of concerts: Carlos Santana, Buster Williams, Kenny Barron, Robert Silverman, and other rock, jazz, and classical musicians.

The Secret of the Golden Recipe

Help our villagers solve the mystery of the Golden Recipe! Get to know all the people who live in our Village, solve problems together, and learn all the secrets that this bucolic land is hiding away.

Learn How Food Works and How to Work with Food
for Smarter, Stronger, and Happier Living

Chef’s Village provides the inspiration, knowledge, and methodology to change
how you think about food and take control of how and what you eat.

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